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Gini Valbuena

Gini Valbuena When Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue became known for trying to stop the trade in exotic cats as pets, Gini Valbuena began slandering them in an attempt to draw the attention off the subject; Exotic Animals as Pets, which is not a subject anyone can defend, and […]

Alan Rigerman

Florida teen mauled by pet cougar Teen girl mauled by cougar to fully recover A 16-year-old girl mauled by a 150-pound cougar in North Miami-Dade is expected to make a full recovery after hours of surgery. By JENNIFER LEBOVICH AND LUISA YANEZ A 16-year-old South Florida girl mauled by […]

Bill William Kapp

William Kapp Killed Tigers and Leopards in Canned Hunts USA v Kapp William R (03-4075 031) – Finding Redemption, or What comes around, goes around…… Mon, Mar. 17, 2003 (St Patrick’s Day:) Trial to shed light on underground animal trade BY JON YATES Chicago Tribune CHICAGO – (KRT) – A […]