Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanctuaries do not buy, breed, sell, allow contact nor take animals off site for exhibition, so Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary is NOT a sanctuary by any stretch of the imagination.

In their desire to attract funds and views the owners violate all that is sacred in sanctuary work by actually breeding more big cats for life in prison.  Several of those have died young and yet USDA has failed to take any serious action.

In 2022 following the drowning deaths of two tiger cubs these articles did a great job of documenting the situation:


In 2021 this private collection of big cats has been advertising heavily that they are breeding inbred white tigers and the cubs have been dying.  Please do not visit zoos that are not AZA accredited or sanctuaries that are not GFAS accredited.  Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary is NOT accredited.

2016-Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

In 2021 ShalomWildlife Sanctuary had 4 tigers, 1 cougar and 2 bobcats and assorted other wild animals.

In 2022 Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary had 5 tigers, 2 cougars and 4 bobcats and assorted other wild animals.