Who is Jacob Feder and where does he get all the wild animals?


For someone who appears to be little more than a child, it’s been very hard to determine the source of all of his ego props.

Jacob Feder holds a USDA license as an Exhibitor 58-C-1264 for a location address of 24025 SW 167th Ave Homestead, FL 33031 and the Florida Wildlife Commission has him listed as a licensee for lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars but neither agency permits private ownership of the animals.  They have to be exhibited as a business and it wasn’t the intent of the law for mere social media posts of a person clowning around with dangerous animals to qualify as “exhibiting.”

I thought that perhaps he was living with Mario Tabraue at Zoological Wildlife Foundation but according to an eye witness, Jacob Feder’s primary location for his permit is at his home.  This person reports that the zoo that Jacob Feder owns is at a different location in a residential area, so ZWF is not his primary place of operation/content. Feder has an instagram page that refers to it as ‘Redland Conservation Center’, which as far as anyone can tell is not a registered business, exhibit, or anything similar.

On Jacob Feder’s personal property is a black jaguar. He did not specify where he got this jaguar. When he first received it the “background story” he gave was that jaguars are at risk in the wild and so they need to be preserved in captivity etc. but he gives no details specific to this baby jaguar. Not to mention black jaguars are not used in formal breeding programs to conserve jaguars, since their subspecies is so unclear and likely hybridized with other subspecies, making them unsuitable for breeding programs.

The location has not been open to the public at any point, and the address is only listed on his permits, which require that he be open to the public as an exhibitor.

You can see the property here, it aligns with the one shown in his videos as his ‘zoo’.

JacobFederCompound JacobFederCompound

Street view taken as of 2023.

The only USDA inspection he has had was an inspection conducted before he was granted the permit, probably with the assumption that once the permit was granted he would soon open the exhibition.  That was in 2022 and two years later, still not open to the public and still no USDA inspections.

2022-USDA_Inspection_Report_Jacob Feder


The following are sources from the Internet that indicate he is the pawn of Mario Tabraue of Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) who lives 12 minutes away from Jacob Feder.  Miami’s Exotic Animals is only 6 minutes away and I just can’t help but believe these guys are all working together.  In order to make money off the animals they need someone, like Jacob Feder, to attract ignorant children with wealthy parents who will pay to bring wild animals to birthdays and such. These are the opinions and reports of others so please continue your own research. Jacob Feder and he seems to be careful not to list the source of the wildlife he uses.  Jacob Feder is said to work at Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida. Read more: https://www.legit.ng/ask-legit/biographies/1457061-jacob-feders-biography-age-parents-sister-net-worth-zoo/

I’ve had undercover operatives gather evidence against Mario Tabraue of Zoological Wildlife Foundation and the backdrops in Jacob Feder’s videos look very much like the facility there.  In the screenshot below you can see Mario Tabraue holding up a baby black jaguar, that Jacob Feder refers to has “ours” in this 2021 video:  https://youtu.be/HrQ51qJPH-w?si=gpW39O87Ftl4MCIx

I’m pretty sure it’s the same jaguar cub that was being used at the time of another lion cub for which Mario Tabraue was cited by the Florida Wildlife Commission for biting a guest.  https://911animalabuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2021-PST_Inspection_Report_ZOOLOGICAL-WILDLIFE-FOUNDATION-INC.pdf

Mario Tabraue holding black jaguar cub in 2021

Jacob Feder (born: February 25, 1999 (1999-02-25) is a American YouTuber that makes videos in Miami Florida.  That makes him 24 years old as I write this and I’m troubled by the fact that in 1988 a 24 year old young man, Antonio Munio, who lived with the Tabraues from the age of 12, pleaded guilty to second degree murder of Mario Tabraue’s first wife Maria Tabraue.  It was allegedly at the order of her husband, Mario Tabraue.  There appears to be a history of having unrelated young men grow up around the Tabraue compound.

Munio pleads guilty

On Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/TigerKing/comments/ol1kq3/zwf_zoo_in_miami_is_a_dubious_operation/

ZWF zoo in Miami is a dubious operation

Mario Tarbraue’s ZWF zoo is completely misrepresented by the staff and the two YouTubers that seen to collaborate with him all the time, Jacob Feder and Landon Scherr:

I compiled a listed of links I’ve been posting to both of their videos of make sure that people know ZWF is a for profit operation that buys and sells exotic animals (sometimes without making sure the buyer has proper licensure). My links are being routinely taken down by their social media team. If you don’t mind copying and pasting the text below to their videos that would be great! Thank you!

Here is the link to Jacob’s Page:

Text I have been posting below: Feel free to edit and amend and do not feel obligated to repost if you disagree with my perspective, however they are marketing themselves as a conservation organization which AZA accredited zoos are… but AZA accredited zoos are by and large 501c3 not for profits this is an incorporated for profit business)

ZWF (associated facility) is run by notorious drug kingpin that is operated for profit and sells exotic animals for profit (including lions)

History of Tabarue

Proof of ZWF’s corporate registration as for profit institution:


Proof ZWF sells exotic animals without validating licensure of purchaser, incident at roadside zoo sold Lion cubs by ZWF Zoo:


Incidents of injury at ZWF zoo:


Questions about the mental health of Limbani due to his habitat isolation:


Synopnsis of relationship with Joseph Allen Schreibvogel (aka Joe Exotic) and Doc Antle:


Issues with Class B License dealers like Tabraue:


Political Connections and lobbying:



Carole Baskin’s Assessment of Jacob Feder

The problem with reporting someone like him is he seems to know where to draw the line as posting anything illegal and the laws are so weak that almost any form of animal exploitation goes.  There are virtually no laws against abuse to wild animals; like there are for pets, other than a few trapping restrictions.

I worked on passing the Big Cat Public Safety Act since 1998 and it passed Dec. 20, 2022.  It’s the only law with any teeth, if you ask law enforcement.  It only applies to great cats and cougars and it merely prevents private owners (those without a USDA license) and it bans public contact with big cats and their cubs.  That applies to “volunteers” as well.  If the cat is not in its permanent home cage, with a permanent barrier around the cage, then the cat has to be kept at least 15 feet from the public.

About the only way to catch someone breaking this rule is to be there in person and secretly record photos and videos that you can then vouch for by way of affidavit and hopefully testimony at a trial.  Otherwise they just claim the images were altered.