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Emaciated Tiger at Waccatee Zoological Farm owned by Kathleen Futrell

Waccatee Zoological Farm Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Kathleen M. Futrell, dba “Waccatee Zoo” (license number 56-C-0230)    January 2020: We conducted some online research of Waccatee Zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it’s one of the worst places we’ve ever researched, and that’s saying something.  The majority of Waccatee’s online reviews include photos of severely emaciated, injured, mangy, sick, and […]

Nergers Splendid Tigers

After the tigers were forced to perform in the Nerger’s circus act, this white tiger was confined to a tiny cage so guests could take photos. How in the world is taking a photo in front of a caged white tiger educational for these children? “Nerger’s Splendid Tigers” is an old-school […]

Taigan Park Crimea Russia

The Taigan Park is in the Crimea in Russia and its director is Oleg Zubkov. A visitor says the park violates the conditions under which animals, including those listed in the Red Data Book, should be living. The witness spoke of cases of cruel treatment of animals and says a […]


Jeff Musial

Nickel City Reptiles & Exotics – Jeff Musial Nickel City Reptiles & Exotics is the business of Jeff Musial, a private exotics owner and self-proclaimed “animal expert” and “TV personality.” He operates a traveling animal exhibit and works with disreputable roadside zoos and breeders to rent out exotic animals for TV shows, movies, […]

Cub pimps

Bearizona Sean and Dennis Casey

Bearizona is owned by Sean and Dennis Casey.[i] Other Casey family members own Bear Country USA in South Dakota. There was a family feud over finances/power structure that led Sean and Dennis to leave Bear Country USA and start their own bear attraction in Arizona.[ii] The South Dakota facility had previously […]