Bee City Zoo

1066 Holly Ridge Ln. Cottageville, SC 29435 USDA license 56-C-0233

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Poor Reviews of Bee City Zoo

A visitor reported that there were, “2 tigers pacing in a small cage” there. Their website shows servals, tigers and snow leopards on their home page. They offer “encounters with their animal ambassadors” it says in the description.  Their page shows 2 photos of petting of servals and they describe themselves as an “interactive zoo”.

2022 – I visited Bee City in Cottageville, SC.  I didn’t expect them to have a (very obese tiger and) snow leopard.  The snow leopard was concerning in particular as it was easily 98 degrees out, and while she was in a shaded enclosure with privacy areas, there was no way for an animal like that to really cool down, and she was panting.  Not sure how else to help except to do this.

We suggested they complain to USDA here:

or online here: