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As of 2010 SOS Wildlife houses 10 large cats and 3 smaller cats

When Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue became known for trying to stop the trade in exotic cats as pets, Judy Watson began slandering them in an attempt to draw the attention off the subject; Exotic Animals as Pets, which is not a subject anyone can defend, and try to misdirect attention in any way she can.

Judy Watson was briefly a volunteer at Wildlife on Easy Street but was fired for what was considered animal abuse at Wildlife on Easy Street.  She then moved to Brooksville and started the Survival Outreach Sanctuary with Jim Moore, but they subsequently split off into two separate organizations.  Judy (age 64 in 2008) owns 2 tigers, a lion, six wolves, a lemur, 5 cougars, 2 caracals and 1 serval.

Before coming to Wildlife on Easy Street Watson served as the right hand person to Bert Wahl’s Wildlife Rescue.  The St. Pete Times stated, “Bert Wahl was found guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty Thursday, after jurors deliberated for little more than an hour. He faces a maximum of one year in prison and a $5,000 fine. Prosecutors said Wahl abused the cougar for an hour and a half on Nov. 4, and the animal was euthanized a few days later. The prosecutors listed the accusations against Wahl in thick black marker for the jury Thursday.  The list said he choked the cougar; dragged the cougar; dragged the cougar by a choker chain; punched the cougar; kicked the cougar; hit the cougar with a shoe; and jammed a mop and broom handle down the cougar’s throat.”

When Judy came to Wildlife on Easy Street she wanted a second chance.  A chance to prove that she was not the same kind of ilk as the man she had worked for, and Wildlife on Easy Street gave her that chance, but under strict supervision.  It was at a time when small animals were still taken off-site to schools and civic centers but the deal made with Watson was that if the cat didn’t want to go, no matter who was expecting her to show up with a cat, she would have to improvise with a presentation that did not include a live animal. It is common practice for those who use animals this way to keep them in carriers when they are not out in public, so that the animal is so happy to be freed from his confinement that he will lay there on a chain for hours.  Wildlife on Easy Street would not allow Judy to confine Jayla that way and Watson complained that when she needed the cat to work, the cat did not want to leave her 1200 square foot enclosure full of trees, bushes and things for a cougar to do.  Carole Lewis would not allow the cougar to be so confined and as a result Judy Watson would often take a Jungle Cat, who was much easier to handle being only 25 lbs, compared to Jayla’s 90 lbs.

When Judy Watson was witnessed by two other Wildlife on Easy Street volunteers to be forcing the Jungle Cat into the carrier for an event she was told to pack her trailer and move out.  That was somewhere around 1998 or 1999 and Watson then started up her own big cat business in 2000.  After Don Lewis disappeared in 1997 the sanctuary stopped breeding and trading in exotic cats and there was a small band of people who left when the policies changed.  Between 1997 and 1999 Susan Aronoff, Judy Watson, Jim Moore, and Debbie Sandlin left Wildlife on Easy Street because of the change in direction.

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Sent: 5/14/2008 7:50:58 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: More lies from Carole Lewis Baskin

Here is just another example of how Carole just makes
things up as she goes along.

Here, she is throwing around a lot of innuendo about a
gentleman named Thomas Kirby. Carole’s lies are at
the bottom, so you may want to read that first.

Any time someone speaks against her, she makes up
lies and puts them on her “animal abuser” list.

Did you read that stuff I sent you at ?

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Subject: Fwd: [REXANO] baskin after slowswimmer
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 18:01:12 -0400
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From: Thomas Kirby < slowswimmer1@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Sent: Tue, 13 May 2008 5:23 pm

She can keep on guessing. One clue: I have never been convicted of any crime in Georgia, so there is a “Thomas Kirby” that she can leave out. Unfortunately I am also not a surgeon qualified to do transplants who blew the whistle on shabby hospital practices. Or am I? I may or may not be an artist. I have never driven with alcohol in my system and I have never driven a boat, either. My criminal record is squeaky clean and so is my driving record, heavy duty knocking on wood on that last.

She’s telling the truth about what I say about animal rights activists, but, duh. That’s all a matter of public record.

If you want to read a “Spanish page of Yahoo”, go on to, then look at “my groups.”

Did Don Lewis come out in the lion shit or the tiger shit? I hope that I saved the bio that Baskin might have deleted, especially the part that made it obvious that she must have been Don Lewis’s “other woman” while he was still married to his former wife. I think we also know who has permanent neurological damage.

We read stuff like this to see just how loose the animal rights activists are. It looks like the geese were hitting the milk of Magnesia pretty hard this week. Thank you for posting this, Zuzana. It’s pretty funny ;> I don’t know if she’s lying, I’ve been convinced for a while that Baskin has simply lost her mind.

Posted at

Thomas Kirby AKA slowswimmer

Thomas Kirby posted at Yahoo, that if money were no problem, “I would own lions and tigers and breed lions, tigers, and ligers.” You can read a lot of his posts at and he often posts tirades against what he calls ARA (Animal Rights Activists) saying that they are the enemy who are taking away all of his rights.

A recent post by Thomas Kirby tells you where he is coming from. This was posted on the Phoenix Exotics group on May 1, 2008: “No way on Earth will I support any anti-puppy mill bills. The goal of those bills is to put an end to breeding.”

Is this the same Thomas Kirby who was arrested in 2006 for leaving the scene of an accident where a 11 year old boy was run over by the boat he and his drunken friend Roger Guzman were allegedly driving?

An Internet search of Kirby’s handle slowswimmer1 dates back to 2006 and seems particularly unkind given that the boy who was run down while swimming is partially blind from the accident and has permanent neurological damage. A lot of people have the same names, but the articles surrounding the crime say that Thomas Kirby was 35 and an LA resident. Articles go on to say the men were Latino and Kirby’s post about wanting to breed lions and tigers was on a Spanish page of Yahoo. Maybe it is all coincidental, but if you know the truth, please post it here.

The article can be read at this link:

ui-de nial-under-influence.html

Note from TheirVoice:

Big Cat Rescue has not lost any standing with The Association of Sanctuaries.  They have always been an accredited rescue facility and have always said so.

As for the BBB, if you go to their website they say that Big Cat Rescue does not qualify for the seal because they posted letters their opposition sent to the BBB and that it was a violation of their standards to do so. Nothing in their standards said that, but it seems they chose to interpret it that way.

Evaluation Conclusions

Big Cat Rescue Corp (BCRC) does not meet the following Standard for Charity Accountability.

Standard 20 : Complaints – Respond promptly to and act on complaints brought to its attention by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and/or local Better Business Bureaus about fund raising practices, privacy policy violations and/or other issues.

BCRC does not meet this standard because its response to three complaints brought to its attention by the BBB of West Florida was to post on its website links to copies of these complaints along with allegations that the complaints were “false.”

In the fall of 2007, BCRC distributed in Florida a flyer about upcoming public meetings being held by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Committee to discuss neighbor notification of exotic animal ownership. Shortly after the BCRC flyer was distributed, the BBB of West Florida, located in Clearwater, received written complaints alleging that the flyer threatened individuals, businesses and/or organizations that possessed such animals. BBB of West Florida forwarded three of the complaints to BCRC.

Upon receipt of the complaints, BCRC posted on its web site criticism of the three individuals alleging that each filed a “false” complaint with the BBB. In addition, BCRC posted links on its website to the complaints received from the BBB of West Florida.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance informed BCRC that publicly identifying and criticizing individuals who complained about it to the BBB is not an appropriate way to respond to complaints, whatever their nature. BCRC subsequently removed from its web site the above mentioned criticism of the individuals as well as the links to the complaints received from the BBB.

Big Cat Rescue Corp (BCRC) meets the remaining 19 Standards for Charity Accountability.

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