Robert Sawmiller Wildlife on Wheels

Wildlife on Wheels (Robert Sawmiller) in Wapakoneta, Ohio USDA license was revoked 4/5/2022 and he was fined $53,600. USDA Report

16761 County Road 25A Wapakoneta, Ohio 31-C-0221

Some of the more decrepit conditions for big cats and bears are traveling acts who do not allow the public to see the wretched conditions where the animals live when they aren’t at the customer’s birthday party, or corporate event.  Robert Sawmiller managed to run under our radar for years, but the Animal Legal Defense Fund came to the rescue of the animals used in Robert Sawmiller’s travelling menagerie called Wildlife on Wheels.

Robert Sawmiller had joined a band of big cat exploiters to try and overturn Ohio’s ban on private ownership of big cats but they failed.

After enough public scrutiny was brought to bare the USDA did their part on 2/18/2021 and confiscated the animals.  Robert Sawmiller Wildlife on Wheels

Roadside Zoo News reports:

According to news reports Robert Sawmiller was storing wild animals at the now defunct Cricket Hollow Zoo.

USDA confiscates Robert Sawmiller’s exotic animals who leased space to house them at the 4200 N. 150 East property owned by David and Emma Eicher.

HSUS had been trying to get the government to take action since 2011 in this report: