Sharkarosa Exotic Park

You probably never heard of this little roadside zoo until G.W. Zoo sent 6 tigers to them in order to be featured on Shipping Wars.  Apparently the producers of Shipping Wars either didn’t care, or didn’t bother to check into the numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act by both parties.

From Shararosa’s 2013 USDA inspection:

“This lack of communication by licensee with the veterinarian concerning these (15) particular animals potentially caused unnecessary pain, suffering and death of the regulated species.”

The statement was based up Scott Edwards refusing, since he was cited in 2012 for an inadequate perimeter fence, to correct the situation.  As a result it was reported that 15 of the wild animals at the petting zoo were killed by coyotes that were able to access the property.

SCOTT EDWARDS (Sharkarosa Exotic Park)
Customer No: 27405
Certificate No: 74-C-0614
Certificate Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: Oct 15, 2004

P. O. BOX 1198 (Yes, USDA lets the owners of wild animals use a P.O. Box so you don’t know how the animals are kept)


2013 USDA Violations

2012 USDA Violations