We get countless complaints about Billie Swamp Safari in Florida, but it appears to be on an Indian reservation and thus is not regulated by the USDA nor the Florida Wildlife Commission.  Please do not patronize this place because doing so just adds to the misery.

Billie Swamp Safari
Seminole Tribe of Florida
30000 Gator Tail Trail
Clewiston, FL 33440

Here is the most recent complaint:

November 12, 2015

No protection from the heat (91 degrees on Sunday, 11/8/15)

Animals involved:  Grizzly bear, FL black bear, large parrots, Lynx, porcupine, deer, Florida Panther, alligators, tortoises, and etc.

I did not see any pans of water in the cages/pens.

The panther paced back and forth continuously, hissed and growled the entire time.

The enclosures are small, provide no underbrush to hide in, and just clay on the ground.

The bears wanted to get out. It was so apparent.

I am not sure who they are getting the animals from, but, the individual answering questions said they intended to “keep them forever.”

They are getting them from somewhere in Miami.  (Our guess would be the Zoological Wildlife Foundation)

It was blazing hot heat the day we were there. We had NO idea they had started collecting and caging animals. I will never go back.

The porcupine had a plastic blue drum turned sideways to find shelter from the 91 degree sun. It must have been 120 degrees inside the small drum.

All of the animals were panting. It was horrible to see.

The caller contacted USDA and FWC and here was their response:

The FWC informed me that with it being on an indian reservation and sovereign land, they have no jurisdiction to take any action.  Neither does the USDA.  He did say that he knew a couple of people out there and he could make some ‘calls’ to gently relay the concerns that had been reported.  Other than that he said there is really nothing they can do and it, unfortunately, is one of those sticky situations.
I asked him if there was anything else I could do.  He said that the action I took was really all that I could do.
So, there you have it.  Humans treating wildlife inappropriately that claim their history has taught them to live off the land and to treat it and the animals that live there (after all – THE ANIMALS were there before the indians!) with respect.  I do not call that respect.  The most I can do is discourage people from going there and I will never go there again myself.