It appears this place shut down Jan 18, 2019 and sent 6 tigers to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Tommy, Franky, Robbie, Tigger and Floyd appeared to be in good health, aside from being overweight and potentially having genetic health issues.

One tiger, Diesel, suffers from an unknown infection and has not been released to a new habitat.

Since there was almost nothing said about where the tigers came from or why we researched Facebook and found the following:

Ringling Animal Care Center, Inc.  Registered Agent is Brittany Medina and looks to have Started in 2017.  There is a USDA license for them and at least one inspection report. Medina appears to live in Yukon, OK, according to state business records, but the facility was in Ringling, OK (thus the name)

Looks like the 6 tigers were all born between 2015 and 2018 and in Nov 2018 they were building cages in N. Florida and raising money to move there.  Their FB page was started 8/26/17

2/23/18 Camel first appears.  The colors of the tigers seem to be more of what you’d expect from Bhagavan Antle, who was known to deal with Joe Schreibvogel. Some resources say the lemur came from GW Zoo.  No one seems willing to say where the cats originated.

3/2/18 Miley Ringtailed lemur, female, first appears
3/15/18 RACC said: “We are not open to the public but offer private tours by appoinment only ..We are located 25 miles west of Ardmore, Oklahoma and 130 miles from Dfw area.”  Their posts were mostly tagged Loco, OK by Facebook.

There are a few cubs who don’t show up as adults: Hulk, Thor and Jasper
3/17/2018 RACC posted that these were all of their cats:

Diesel and Floyd Standard orange and black 
Frankie. Black and White. Born 2015
Tommy. Brown and White 
Robbie Solid white aka Snow Tiger
Tigger Golden Tabby Tiger 

They got the baby Jasper on that post but wouldn’t say where.  They told people who wanted to know to PM (private message) them.  

4/6/2018 tabby tiger infant photo and they say the cat will be joining them soon.  That appears to be Jasper.

Ringling Animal Care Center Jasper

5/21/18 Floyd & Tigger are introduced for the first time and appear to be about 5 (Tigger) and 7 (Floyd) months old.

5/27/18 RACC has been pimping Jasper the cub out since his arrival, or trying to, from what I can see in comments.

Jasper Ringling Animal Care Center

7/20/18 shows two normal colored cubs, about 3 months old, on the bed, but no names. Later posts would indicate their names are Hulk and Thor.

8/25/18 Hulk was being bottle fed in Ardmore, OK according to Facebook’s tag on location.

10/27/18 Thor gets moved out of house and into a metal shed.

10/4/18 Jasper is in Addington, OK according to the FB stamp.

11/17/18 Thor appears, but looks like it’s an older photo.  FB posts now are starting to be marked at Oil City, OK.

11/17/18 is when they show an aerial of a place in Florida where they say construction is underway by someone local for their move.

Ringling Animal Care Center Florida

11/22/18 Hulk is showing eating meat but never is shown again
11/28/18 Thor appears for the last time
12/9/18 Jasper appears for the last time
1/18/19 They said they sent their cats to Turpentine Creek, but the cats that Turpentine Creek reports to have received did not include Thor, Hulk or Jasper who are still yearlings, so it makes me wonder if they are just lightening the load so they can start over with a cub petting scheme?

If YOU know. Let me know in the comments, where those cubs have gone.

Ringling Animal Care Center Gave Away 6 Tigers

Instagram @Ringlingacc


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