Wayne Sluder and Rhonda Sluder
32 Beaver Creek Loop
Roland, AR 72135

Wayne Sluder

Source:  http://www.pdfio.com/k-1986967.html

and http://www.sputtr.com/kukol


There is a forum that discusses whether or not Wayne Sluder killed his ex-vife Velma Sluder, or if his current (then) wife Cathy Sluder did, or if she was set up to take the fall for Wayne Sluder because she was being medicated after the loss of their son.  It is unknown if these are the same Sluders as listed above.  This took place in Walnut Ridge, AR Read and find out for yourself:  http://www.topix.com/forum/city/walnut-ridge-ar/T2LNCFAMBVV5DF9QE/p5?redirid=1340342560