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We think Nathan may be her son but are not sure. We believe Teresa Shaffer use to be named Teresa Leisner and was a friend of Bhagavan Kevin “doc” Antle. Teresa is listed on the 2017 USDA list as a dealer in Grain Valley, MO.

A whistle blower says, Scott and Teresa Schaffer would come from Missouri to pick up cubs at Tiger Safari (at 963 County Street 2930, Tuttle, OK 73089). They would drive them back to Missouri to rear them, and then take them to Doc’s in Myrtle Beach. They did this because Bill Meadows didn’t have time to feed and care for the cubs and the Shaffer’s were really good at rearing cubs.  On March 14th, 2015 the Schaffers came down to pick up some white tiger cubs that were born about March 8th 2015. They also dropped a baby vervet off to a customer in the Tiger Safari parking lot. 

Up until April of 2016 it may have been legal to transport tiger cubs across state lines but the question is whether or not this was done to hide cubs from USDA by not having a proper paper trail from the breeder, to the Schaffers and then to the person(s) who would pimp them out for pay to play sessions. Unfortunately, USDA does not require licensees to provide a complete and accurate census each year for the public to scrutinize. It’s on the honor system, which is a broken system when so many of the actors are far from honorable.

If you know anything about the Shaffers raising cubs for others and transporting them across state lines, especially after April 2016, please say so in the comments.