A concerned supporter recently contacted Big Cat Rescue about the Paramount Grill restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. The restaurant is scheduled to host a fundraiser for Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation on August 20th, 2016. Carson Springs is a pseudo-sanctuary that in our view mistreats and exploits exotic cats by taking them off site and allowing them to be handled by the public. This Facebook post from Carson Springs shows they plan to bring their tiny Geoffroy’s kittens to the Paramount Grill fundraiser for patrons to handle.

Big Cat Rescue reached out to Paramount Grill owner Clif Nelson several times to explain that a true sanctuary does not breed or buy exotic cats and would never parade cats or kittens around at an event as part of a fundraising gimmick. We asked him to do the humane thing and insist that Carson Springs not bring any exotic cats to the fundraiser.

We also reached out to Carson Springs about their plans to bring the Geoffroy’s kittens to the event but received only a threatening response from a Carson Springs attorney that did not address our concerns for these very tiny kittens.

Please take one minute and let Clif Nelson and Paramount Grill know that big cat lovers do not want to see exotic cats exploited at off-site events. Thank you for your speaking out for these kittens!

Please email the restaurant owner at Clif Nelson, Owner and Chef Paramount Grill paramountgrill@gmail.com and ask him to NOT allow exotic cat kittens at his restaurant.