Chris and Arden Morley

860 Quail Crest RD
Kingman AZ 86409

Name they go by for their business is

Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America

Ever wonder what a hybrid breeder’s facilities are like?  Here is one eye witness account of Camelottaspots Bengal and Savannah Cats:

“I’m hoping you can help me with 8 serval cats that are in need of rescue from Arizona. These poor cats are being kept by 2 people that claim they use them for breeding and have the rights to keep them. But I know first hand after working for them that these poor cats need to be saved. Right now they are locked in a 8’x8′ cage at all times. Only time they see anyone is when they are fed 1 a day or their cage gets cleaned…

They are kept on concrete floors so they have leg and feet problems and need help. There is a few that are real bad with feet problems and I’m so worried about how these cats are cared for. Please help me save them!! They deserve to live their lives with people who care about them and not see them as a $ sign.

I was working the up until yesterday when the couple would not pay me for my time. They would not allow us to take photos talk about their business nothing after I started. I thought all that was odd.

They also have 12 Savanna cats there too.

There are many other cats there also. There are over 300 house cats at this place. Some in the main house where they breed and sell the kittens. The rest are kept down back in a building they call the shelter or the outside pens. Just in the outside pens there are over 112 cats. The shelter has even more close to 150 cats. The main house has over 80 cats and kittens.

We just know this not ok and we want to help all these animals have a better life. – name withheld

Camelottaspots-Serval-9 Camelottaspots-Serval-8 Camelottaspots-Serval-7 Camelottaspots-Serval-6 Camelottaspots-Serval-5 Camelottaspots-Serval-3 Camelottaspots-Serval-2 Camelottaspots-Serval-1 Camelottaspots