Berlin Tierpark Breeds More Tigers for Life in Captivity

Submitted by Pallavi Sharma on Mon, 10/03/2011 – 12:17

Berlin Tierpark Witnesses Birth of Four Indochinese Tiger CubsContinuous and rapid environmental changes have pushed a number of animal species on the verge of extinct. Indochinese tigers are one out of those and therefore grouped under endangered species. As per available statistical, there are around 420 to 1,000 tigers who survive in world. Recently, a zoo in Berlin has witnessed the birth of four lovely and healthy Indochinese tiger cubs. The quadruplets, aged seven weeks, are believed to attract public attention, especially from children as well as animal lovers.

The sibling group comprises of three females and one male cub and therefore the zoo bosses have named them as Thaya, Salween, Mandalay and Lampun , respectively. The quadruplets have succeeded to gain immense importance ascredited to become the first Indochinese tigers born in the zoo premises after a long time. Prior to this, it had Indochinese tiger cubs earlier in 1988.

The zoo management has expressed excitement over the birth of most beautiful creatures and revealed that their names were derived from regions as well as rivers located in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and Vietnam, their native territory.

However, the Berlin Tierpark has observed a number of cubs but it was a rare chance to see quadruplets.