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Tiger Creek

Tiger Creek Brian Werner

Brian Werner runs Tiger Creek Foundation which is also known as Tiger Missing Link Foundation AKA AKA Tiger Creek AKA National Foundation for Rescued Animals.

The best write ups on Brian Werner’s Tiger Creek are here:

2021 Animals 24/7 Merritt Clifton

2021 Report on USDA citations at

See the actual USDA Report for 2021 here.

In 2021 Charity Navigator only gives them 1 star.

Tiger Creek Brian Werner

It’s probably been a decade since I spoke with Brian Werner about his fundraising. Like other backyard zoos and “sanctuaries” he was using, and may still be using, a paid mail house to raise funds. These often charge as much as 90% for their services but they are really good at making up stories that will get donors to part with their money. Werner’s attitude at the time was that he didn’t care how much ended up in the pockets of the fundraising company as long as they made it easy for him to run his operation.

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