Why do Bengal Cat Breeders hate Big Cat Rescue?  Check out http://www.bigcatrescue.org/cats/wild/hybrids.php

Read this hate mail sent to Carole Baskin when she sent out an alert asking people to speak up against lions being slaughtered for their meat in the U.S.

From: The Vitale’s <vitalesj@comcast.net>

Date: Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 3:12 PM

Subject: Re: [MaineCoonRescue] Fwd: Please help us take lion burgers off the menu

To: julie.hanan@bigcatrescue.org

You are SO RIGHT, this is a CRIME.  However, the crime is he did not serve the BIG CAT RESCUE MANAGEMENT ON THE MENU.

Shame on him for letting Carole and company get away.

Shame on you and your prostitute boss for continuing this sham that you are good and nice when you breed and sell big cats to the public with big bucks.

May your boss become tiger meat…. oh yea, heard that’s what she did with hubby……

Sal Vitale

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If the Bengal Rescue Network really were a rescue facility for Bengal Cats they would know and understand why Big Cat Rescue is opposed to breeding cats that almost never work out as pets in the first four generations.  Instead it seems to be a scheme for getting people to turn in their breedable cats so they can use them and sell more kittens into the lucrative trade in exotic hybrids.