8/29/2023 A visitor reported:

They have an African lion, a white tiger, a gold tiger, a black leopard, caracal, serval and a leopard. All of them look miserable. I tried to get a picture of the leopard but it was so dark in the concrete “home” that he couldn’t be seen.  Locals have been trying to get this place shutdown for years. Click each to expand.

3/11/2021 WILMINGTON, NC: A (USDA) inspection report reveals that the agency recently cited Tregembo Animal Park for violations. The report states the zoo failed to notify a veterinarian that a 17-year-old pot-bellied pig was showing lameness in both rear legs. “The lack of communication regarding the pig’s lameness was corrected during the inspection and a treatment plan was started,” the report stated.

Other violations were related to “structurally unsound” enclosures and primate feeding containers “coated with brown debris,” according to the inspection. Those issues must be corrected by early June.

The February 2 inspection was the first time that the USDA inspected Tregembo since July 2019.

In 2017, following a lawsuit filed against Tregembo by North Carolina animal advocates, PETA rescued two bears — Ben and Bogey — who were taken to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.