Predators of the Heart

Predators of the Heart in Anacortes, WA 9/22/2022 for unsafe caging. USDA Report

People who make a living, or get their ego stroked, by being the guy with a big cat on a leash, will almost always say they are doing it to educate people about why they shouldn’t be kept as pets.  Most will say they are breeding the animals to save them from extinction.  It’s a lie.  Find out more at:

Here is what I found doing a google search on Dave Coleburn, the founder of Predators of the Heart:

2015 Dave Coleburn defies ban on private possession of big cats.

2015 Dave Coleburn wanted an exemption for USDA licensees from the city ban. Anyone can get a USDA license for 40.00, and a one page application that asks only for name, address and phone, so it is no real deterrent to wild animal possession and, as a USDA licensee, he surely knows that.
2014 Dave Coleburn tries to divert attention from the bill that bans private possession by trying to make it all about him being targeted.

2009 Dave Coleburn was associated the the Alliance for the Conservation of Exotic Felines who is associated with Phoenix Exotics. Both organization are groups of wild animal pet owners who try to defeat laws that would prohibit private possession of exotic cats.

2008 Dave Coleburn used scare tactics to try to defeat a bill to ban private possession of big cats by saying: “Coleburn told the volunteers on stage that “you might be the last people in Washington” that have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with a cougar legally. He was referring to House Bill 1418, a measure passed by the state Legislature last year that restricts the ability of people to own big cats, wolves, venomous snakes and a number of other potentially dangerous animals.”

2003 Dave Coleburn opposed a bill that would ban the private possession of dangerous wild animals. If his mission is to educate that they shouldn’t be kept as pets, then why is he trying to defeat bills that would do that?

Where does he display?  At auctions and trade shows for the exotic pet trade.  That just about says it all.