Benue Zoo in Nigeria

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Old Jos Zoo

The image at the top of the page was reported to be at Old Jos Zoo in Nigeria.  The video was purportedly the same zoo, but in the video it states that it is the Benue Zoo.  They may be one and the same.  We don’t know.

We get complaints daily from people all around the world who send us photos and videos of big cats starving to death in zoos.

Only the governments have power to stop the abuse and that will only happen if people get involved politically to make it known that they won’t tolerate the practice of keeping wild cats on display.

The only other thing that citizens can do is to never visit or support any place that breeds big cats for life in cages.  There are no captive breeding projects that release big cats back to the wild, despite their claims to the contrary that they are helping “conservation.”

If you hate seeing this, then contact your lawmakers and tell them to put an end to exotic cats in cages AND never pay to see them on display.