Diamond Valley Lodge

Jungle Tech Group Inc.
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31220 Sage Road
Hemet, CA 92543

Just when you think that enough people have seen the abuse inherent in cub petting on TV, another cub exploiter pops up.  When we search the USDA site to learn more about them, nothing comes up for Diamond Valley Lodge in California but one saber toothed sleuth figured out they are licensed as Jungle Tech Group Inc. at 31220 Sage Road Sage, CA  92543

This van offering pay to play schemes with baby wild cats is on the road trying to drum up business before the cubs reach 12 weeks old and are deemed by USDA to be too big to pet.  They even post their phone number in a desperate attempt to cash in on cubs.  1-855-9-Tigers

Diamond Valley Lodge Taking Animals Offsite

What does mainstream America think about this?  “It just keeps running through my head that they have 4 tigers, 3 white and one orange, very young. The staff are inside the enclosures while people eat dinner and gawk at the poor white baby tigers and who knows where the poor orange tiger came from?” says one woman.

Another woman said, “A gentleman in CA contacted me thru messenger this afternoon. He sent the attached photo and was beside himself asking we try to get to the bottom of it. I just now had time to look into this and oh boy!”

And a man who thought he’d seen it all says, “Wow, just when you think we have a grasp on the scope of such exploiters, they just keep crawling out from under new rocks.

Help protect these poor babies at: https://www.diamondvalleylodge.com/meet-our-wildlife-ambassador-family/ by contacting your member of Congress and asking them to champion the Big Cat Public Safety Act which bans cub handling and phases out private ownership of big cats.