Cedar Cove Feline Park

Customer No: 8148
Certificate No: 48-C-0118
Certificate Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: Mar 12, 1999

Video Shows Reckless Behavior at Cedar Cove Feline Park


For all their talk about how they enrich the animals lives, this USDA inspection report says that Cedar Cove Feline Park have a leopard named Pandora who has a psychological issue that causes her to suck her tail incessantly.  This is typically caused from taking cubs away from their mothers, to use as ego props, because they don’t get to suckle for the many months that Mother Nature intended.

The USDA report states that the leopard had chewed away the end of her tail and the bone was protruding for two and a half weeks before proper veterinary care was given.

Read more Cedar Cove Feline Park inspection reports below.




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