CARE Foundation Christin Anne Burford

Legitimate sanctuaries don’t post images of people interacting with wild animals.  It sends the worst possible message and drives others to pay to play with the big cats too in this monkey-see-monkey-do world.

A visitor to their social site wrote:  “The Care Foundation link below shows tigers and a liger frolicking about, with such emotional music playing, and it draws you in!  But, when I started reading it,  and when I looked deeper you find things that are just so disturbing.  There was a woman who was bragging about it on the main page.”

Here is a quote from this same page:

“The CATalyst Program: A human-animal interaction experience that teaches you to shift from feeling stressed to calm in seconds. Through close animal interactions, The CATalyst utilizes simple grounding techniques & the wisdom of nature to empower feelings of calm confidence.Available to individuals, groups, as well as for corporate workshops. For pricing & scheduling, please go to (withheld) to all combat veterans!”

And then this from facebook:

Note: They are only doing this with cubs, albeit very large cubs and that while people might enjoy these encounters the cats will avoid them, unless motivated by being hungry or bored out of their minds from being bred for life in cages to be exploited this way. Big cats don’t reach sexual maturity until they are about 5 years old. You can tell that lions are immature when they don’t have full manes yet.