Brunon Blaszak Circus

Brags about 8 generations of tigers being bred in his back yard in Florida.  Appears to con the audience by saying that circus acts are protecting tigers from extinction.  None of the tigers in private possession, like his, do anything for conservation.  In fact, it hurts conservation because when people see them being used this way, they believe that tigers must not be in any danger of extinction, or it wouldn’t be allowed.

2022 Review Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2022 at 9:10 AM
Subject: Regarding Brunon Blaszak!

Hi there! I just witnessed an honestly grotesque display at the Geauga County Fair in Burton, Ohio! The act was Brunon Blaszak who claims to be in conservation but has tigers hauled all around the US performing tricks like a spectacle. It honestly is disturbing! I left a message for our legislature but I want to know if there is more that can be done! These tigers are kept in 5 x 8 cages and forced to perform 3x a day! – M.M.

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I don’t know what was wrong with this tiger’s coat, but my guess would be severe mange at some point such that the fur grew in white in patches where it damaged the skin the most.  Ringworm and mange are almost always found in cubs that are used in pay to play schemes, which is where circus tigers start their lives.