Wild Cats Paw Prints

 Wild Cats Paw Prints 2901 ALDON FARMING RD CLEWISTON, FL 33440

This tip was sent to the Florida Wildlife Commission and USDA on 12/25/18 after being tipped by a concerned citizen.  

I just got the following email from a woman who asked to remain nameless for fear of the owner retaliating against her reporting:

I  don’t know who else to contact and I hope you can forward this to the right people.

1 white tiger, at least 1 regular tiger and several lions live in poverty, small filthy cages and under fed at this address :

2901 Al Don Farming Road

Clewiston Fl

There is a dead tiger in a freezer also.

Many other animals on the property are also in distress. Donkeys, cats, dogs, pigs, wild boar piglets, peacocks. Please help !!

I can not leave my name for fear of being hurt by  the land owner. Please do not mention my email address, this man is not right.

If you need placement for big cats, let me know and we can get them into accredited sanctuaries.