Valley Stables Exotics, owned by John K. Babb, has been reported for taking deposits from people who live in states that do not allow the private possession of Servals and refusing to return the deposits when the buyers found out they could not legally import the cats.

The following is from Valley Stables Exotics website as of Oct 2010

African Serval Cats

*NOTICE:  As of January 1st, 2011 the price for serval kittens sold within the U.S. will be:  $3,900.00 for both male and female kittens.  The deposit will remain the same at $1,500.00.  Any deposit received prior to that date thus having your name placed on the waiting list will of course pay the current full purchase price of $3,500.00 per male/ $3,750.00 per female.  All terms within the current contract will remain the same after January 1st, 2011 with only the full purchase price changing at that time.  The price for International serval sales will remain at:  $7,000.00 USD for a male/  $7,250.00 USD for a female.

As of March, 2007 we have expanded our facility to twice the size and currently have six female breeder Servals and two male breeder Servals! We are taking deposits NOW!   We simply haven’t had any kittens which were born and didn’t already have a deposit in hand thus kittens will only be posted on this page if they are born and not already spoken for by a buyer that has sent us a deposit.

He claims to be a member of the L.I.O.C. which is the Long Island Ocelot Club and is now called the Feline Conservation Federation.  It is a group of exotic cat breeders and owners who work to thwart laws that restrict the trade in exotic cats.