During the month of August, APHIS filed administrative complaints alleging that the following persons violated the AWA or HPA:

                AWA Docket No. 12-0586; Cash Wiley d/b/a Wiley Exotics and Sharkarosa Exotics; Eric Drogosch.

                AWA Docket No. 12-0536; Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

                AWA Docket No. 12-0538; James Woudenberg d/b/a R&R Research.

                AWA Docket No. 12-0504; Kole Clapsaddle d/b/a Chief Saunooke Bear Park.

               The following persons entered into pre-litigation settlement agreements (also known as stipulations) in connection with alleged violations of the AWA or HPA:

                APHIS Case No. AL09008-AC; Michael McClelland d/b/a McClelland’s Critters LLC.

                APHIS Case No. CA08462-AC; China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

                APHIS Case No. WY11001-AC; University of Wyoming.

           USDA’s administrative law judges and judicial officer issued decisions and orders under the AWA or HPA involving the following persons:

          AWA Docket No. 11-0222; Tri-State Zoological Park of Western Maryland, Inc.; Robert Candy.

          AWA Docket No. 11-0073; Lee Greenly.

          AWA Docket No. 11-0072; Lee Greenly; Minnesota Wildlife Connection, Inc.

          AWA Docket No. 11-0224; Loki Clan Wolf Refuge, Inc.; Myrtle Clapp.

          HPA Docket No. 11-0304; Tommy Thompson.