Chonburi, Thailand — A Thai zoo dressed up little cubs in Santa Claus outfits to attract hundreds of tourists in Chonburi province onChristmas eve.

Zoo staff dressed up the three little tiger cubs and placed them in a pen with piglets and a mother pig.

Visitors and children were very excited to see them, and many tookpictures.

But some were not fully convinced at the cuteness of the cubs

“I think it looks a bit cute [but] I’m scared that it will eat me,” said Charlaign Lam, a nine-year-old visitor from Hong Kong.

The cubs suck on the milk of their surrogate pig mother as the zoo hopes this will tame the cubs. The milk from the pig is also said to provide higher protein levels for the cub.

Some tourists were surprised to see the cubs suckling on the mother pig.

“I’m very surprised. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s so cute and lovely. Many people came to see them,” said Lim Mada, 1-year-old tourist from Cambodia.

The Sri Racha Tiger Zoo wants to attract visitors during this holiday season, by letting tourists hold the cubs while taking a picture.

Thailand’s biggest tiger zoo houses around 400 Bengal tigers and around 10,000 crocodiles. The zoo also put some of the animals in their daily shows to entertain the visitors.