Stapps Circle S Ranch in Greensburg, IN


On October 15, 2011, Tim returned one of the two  (or three*) tigers he had previously acquired from GW Exotic Animal Park in late June of 2010 according to Wikipedia. The tiger, apparently kept at Stapps Circle S Ranch in Greensburg, IN, was malnourished and thin.  It was said that the Indiana facility had been feeding the tiger dog food. GW Exotic Animal Park previously sent two tiger cubs to the same facility in June 2010. See Elizabeth Bailey, County Has Two Tigers On The Prowl At Circle S Ranch, Greensburg Daily News (June 28, 2010), .


*a tiger cub named Grayson was being used at Stapps for Photos with the public in August of 2011 and was supposedly 8 weeks old at the time.  The news did not say where this cub came from, but it likely have come from the same place as Rocky and Jasmine in 2010, which was GW Exotic Animal Park.  It is not clear if the tiger being returned was one of the adults, or the cub who could no longer be used by the time he exceeded 12 weeks of age.


Animal reserve hopes lion cub boosts business


Associated Press should be ashamed for posting the following without researching Stapp’s Circle S Ranch and the whole cub petting industry of abuse. August 11, 2012


GREENSBURG, Ind. — An Indiana animal reserve that has seen business suffer this summer is purring along thanks to a new addition to its menagerie.


Stapp’s Circle S Ranch has added a lion cub to the lineup of animals housed on its 32-acre reserve.


Animal trainer Josie Clark tells the Greensburg Daily News business has improved since the cub arrived July 27.


Stapp’s plans to eventually mate the cub with an adult male lion named Jogga. The male lion was rescued from an owner who could no longer raise him after tornadoes hit southern Indiana in March.


Visitors can touch the cub now but won’t be able to once it reaches 12 weeks old. Clark says the USDA requires it to be in a pen then for safety reasons.