Sara Comstock-MacKelvey, who posts online under the name Sara Serval, is President and CEO of The Serval Conservation Organization which professes to be devoted to preserving the serval in the wild.  The organization’s website, www.servals.org, seeks donations but has no financial disclosure information, does not indicate that it is a nonprofit, and has virtually no information about anything that it has accomplished.  It does not show up on the IRS website or in Guidestar, so apparently is not a nonprofit.

Sara reportedly has servals and savannah cats (hybrids between servals and domestic cats) and is an advocate of private ownership of these animals as pets.   She is associated with organizations like GW Exotics, one of the most notorious exploiters of tiger cubs for petting exhibits, USZA, an alleged accrediting organization set up by Joe Schreibvogel of GW Exotics to accredit himself and other substandard facilities, and  ZAA and FCF, two other organizations who advocate private ownership of exotic animals.

She reportedly is attempting or planning  to move her serval and hybrid cat colony to Joe Schreibvogel’s GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.   Schreibvogel was fined $25,000 in 2006 after 197 citations by USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act and in recent years has been the subject of USDA investigations including one for the deaths of 23 tiger cubs.  An investigative news expose’  by Inside Edition found sick cubs being used at his cub petting traveling exhibit and CBS Morning Edition did a report in 2012 showing mistreatment of tiger cubs at his park. The owner, Joe Schreibvogel, told BBC that if he lost his license to keep the animals or went broke he would euthanize all of the animals, and he told CBS that if someone tried to take his animals there would be a “small Waco.”  This is the kind of company kept by “Sara Serval.”