Akon and the mystique about his tiger Simba

Rapper Akon is keeping a white tiger in a VERY small cage on his property. It’s heartbreaking.

Please join me in protesting this cruelty and alerting USDA, state lawmakers and anyone else you can think of to help free Simba from a sad life.

There are often questions which are asked about Akon and his tiger. Does Akon really own a tiger? Akon has a tiger? Is Akon’s tiger a white one?

Akons tiger Simba in his cage in the garden:

As you can see he owns his own white tiger called Simba (which means lion;  dumb rapper.) Here are some other photos that shows Akon and his white tiger in his garden on the MTV Cribs show. Akon says: “I gotta lot of wild animals here. This is Simba. Check him out. He’s sleeping right now.”

I know that this is unbelievable. I don’t know what Akon thinks about his tiger in such a little cage. He is not aware that people, especially his fans, don’t want to see a wild tiger in a cage of 4.8m x 2.5m, otherwise he wouldn’t present the tiger to the camera.  The nuevo rich think it’s kind of a fashion statement owing unusual animals but it just shows their ignorance. I thought New York law wold prevent keeping his tiger in the garden. Akon, that’s sad and makes you a bad example of someone with more money than brains or compassion.

In July 2009 Akon was attacked by his white tiger that he keeps penned in his garden. His docotor affirmend that Akon suffered severe injuries on the upper body and slight injuries to the face after he walked his tiger through the garden. After this incident some animal rights activists said that Akon’s tiger should be surrendered to a sanctuary.

The big question is, “Where is this poor tiger now?”