A rare Bengal tiger cub has made its home at a dog shelter in Mexico.

The 70 kilogram big cat named Albert was forced to move to the pound after his former zoo was shut down by environmental authorities.

The 6-month-old playful tiger has received a warm welcome at the shelter.

‘He’s happy here,’ shelter director Guillermo Korkowski told Fox News, adding that he was ‘very fond’ of his 6-month-old guest.

Shelter officials have had to build a larger space for the growing tiger, who is nearly a half a metre tall and weighs about 70 kilos.

His shelter has also been customised and includes a kiddie pool, a swing made from an old tire, a tree trunk to use as a scratching post and a desk so he can sleep in a high place.

Albert also has demanding dietary requirements: he eats nearly three kilos of chicken a day and beef on Fridays.