Lions, Tigers and Bears, Inc. in Arcadia, FL is NOT

Lions, Tigers and Bears in California


The one in California is an accredited sanctuary.  The one in Arcadia, which drags big cats out to fairs, flea markets and parking lots,  appears to be using the same name to ride on the good will and coat tails of the good sanctuary.

LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL01 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL02 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL03 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL04 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL05 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL06 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL01975 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL01977 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL01978 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL011014 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL011015 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL011017 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL011018

LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3240 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3247 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3246 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3245 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3244 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3243 LionsTigersBearsArcadiaFL_3241

These photos are the way Lions, Tigers and Bears, Inc. in Arcadia, FL treats their animals.  Let the Florida Wildlife Commission know that they should not allow this kind of activity.

The following photos were taken at the Shark Festival in Venice, FL on April 13, 2013.  Note the rotting floor boards of this trailer that is hauled behind the van with no secondary barrier while in transport.

LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_1621 LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_1622 LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_1624 LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_01626 LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_1627 LionsTigersBears2013-Apr-13_1628