Jack Hanna

For everyone who wants to complain about Jack Hanna being called out in The CONservation Game film, here is what his zoo had to say about him:

Channel 4 NBC Headline:
“Columbus Zoo Acknowledges Use Issues Raised in the Documentary.”
Channel 6 Headline:
“Columbus Zoo Makes Policy Changes in Response to New Documentary.”
Channel 6
“The new vice president of animal programming at the Columbus Zoo says these claims are true.”
Columbus Zoo Sr. Vice President:
“We can’t change the past. My gosh, I wish we could.”  
Columbus Zoo Sr. Vice President:
“Under previous leadership, there were lapses in our check and balances.”
Columbus Zoo Sr. Vice President:
“We made some mistakes. There’s no doubt about it,” said zoo board chairman Keith Shumate in an exclusive interview with The Dispatch on Thursday. “There are things that the zoo could have done better in terms of our processes.”
NBC Channel 4:
“The zoo said it has made organizational changes based on issues raised in the documentary, including ending all relationships with animal organizations mentioned in the film, “
Columbus Dispatch:
“The Conservation Game led to changes at the Columbus Zoo.”
Animal protection groups have been trying to advise you, and especially the entertainment industry, that these faux conservationists, who show off in public touching wild animals and their babies are the problem; not the experts nor the solution.  Now that there is indisputable evidence, please don’t take it out on the messenger just because you were unwilling to listen.  You should also know that once Jack Hanna, et al, were exposed, all of the zoos accredited by the AZA are in favor of passing the Big Cat Public Safety Act.