Montana reported to have 15 licensed fur farms

Posted: 28 Jul 2013 04:59 PM PDT

According to a recent media report, there are 15 licensed fur farms in the state of Montana. While some of these belong to operations that breed wildcats for pets, according to a state official, “most” raise animals for fur production.


This piece of info came in a report on a proposed bobcat and lynx farm near Stevensville, said to be the first fur farm application submitted in “six to eight years.”


According to this report, the proposed lynx and bobcat farm in western Montana will be housing animals to keep as pets, and are not raising them for fur.


The fur farm license application was submitted by Gerald and Deborah Roe. They state they presently do not intend to breed the animals, but may do so in future. They state the license will serve only to cover them legal for their personal possession of bobcat and lynx as household pets.


According to the media report:


Dimensions of the animal facility, made of woven wire, are 14-by-60-by-10. The inside enclosure is divided into six equal rectangular pens of 10-by-6-by-10. The individual pens have one gate that connects to an enclosed walkway. The walkway would by 4-by-60-by-10.


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