Catty Shack is not an accredited sanctuary and has some very questionable and dangerous practices, in our opinion. For example, this photo shows the owner of the facility INSIDE the cage of a white tiger that is in an Easter Parade in Jacksonville a couple years ago.

Catty Shack Tiger Parade

Not only is it extremely stressful for a tiger to be in a tiny transport cage with nowhere to hide as music blares and people gawk at it, but it’s incredibly dangerous for the owner and sets the wrong example for children and adults watching that it’s okay to mistreat these magnificent cats.

If the Catty Shack is really a sanctuary, why are they “adopting” tiger cubs?  Any true sanctuary would be requiring that the person handing over the cubs agree not to own exotic cats any more.  I’d like to know who the supplier is and why that isn’t being revealed.


For a $10 donation, you can help name the five tiger cubs adpted by the Catty Shack Ranch. All you have to do is choose the cub you want to name and then make a suggestion. If your entry and name are selected, you will get a plate with the tiger’s paw print, a picture of the cat and a chance to see the cub you named grow up.

Curt LoGiudice, owner of Catty Shack Ranch said that getting to visit the cat you name is, in his opinion, the coolest part.

“Because they’re going to be here always, it’s a forever home,” LoGiudice said. “And they will stay here all of their life,” says LoGiudice.

The only request from the staff at the wildlife sanctuary is that you keep the name suggestions somewhat serious.

“This is going to be their permanent name,” LoGiudice says. “So nothing too silly and definitely nothing obscene. They’ll be listening to the sounds as we call their name and that’s what they will identify with in the future. That’s what will set them apart. This is why the name is so important.”

Tipsters report that Sue Pearce provided these tigers.