AHMEDABAD: The forest department has ordered an inquiry into the
burning of a carcass of an unidentified wild animal at Hadala range.
Forest officials suspect that the carcass could be that of alion cub.
“We have sent samples taken from the carcass to Forensic Science
Laboratory to ascertain whether it is indeed a lion cub,” said forest

The incident came to light following rumors that the carcass that was
burnt by a forest staff was that of a lion cub. A forest officer said
that on finding the carcass, the local staff called up the range
officials who asked them to dispose it off. “The forester was
inexperienced. He could not ascertain whether the remains were of a
lion cub’s. He relayed this vague information to his superior and then
burnt the carcass at their behest,” said forest officials.

Once this incident came to light, the forest department ordered an
inquiry into the incident. Some forest officials also said that the
carcass could be that of a jungle cat. A couple of days before there
were rumors that the lion cub was burnt by the staff after they found
it dead. The skin was missing and looking at the situation it appeared
as if the death could have taken place long back and would have gone
unnoticed, said a forest officer.


Amazing that forest officials can’t tell a 20lb jungle cat from a
200lb lion.  No wonder big cats are in trouble in the wild.