Birth of Tiger Cubs Inspires Travelers to Volunteer

Friday, 4 November 2011

i-to-i Volunteering is attributing a recent spike in enquiry to the birth of three big cat babies at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo last week. 

THE hearts of Aussie animal lovers were officially sent roaring after the birth of three baby Sumatran tigers at Taronga Zoo last week.

So much so, that leading volunteer travel specialist i-to-i Volunteering is reporting an almost instant rise of interest in its most popular big cat cub project, Help Raise Lions and Tigers in South Africa.

General Manager for i-to-i Volunteering , Matt Chester, said that the cubs had definitely been a trigger for the sudden surge of numbers.

“People are fascinated by the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the most ferocious carnivores on the planet while they’re still cute and cuddly,” Mr Chester said.

“Hand raising, bottle-feeding and stimulating the cubs – the whole experience is unique, out there and almost unbelievable!  But at the end of the day, our travellers genuinely want to help. This particular project is the ultimate way to interact with these incredible animals in a life-changing way.”

The Help Raise Lions and Tigers in South Africa project is based at a big cat breeding centre near Johannesburg, where travellers can spend between 2-4 weeks tumbling around with lion, tiger and other ‘big cat’ cubs.

As well as hand feeding and playing with the cute little babies every day, participants will also have the opportunity to learn about all the different big cats whilst being surrounded by the beautiful wilderness of South Africa.

Working a flexible timetable according to the requirements of the project, duties include various types of work with lion, tiger and jaguar cubs such as helping with feeding, inspecting and cleaning enclosures, general maintenance of facilities and assisting with showing visitors around the centre.

Priced from only $2749 per person for two weeks and $800 for each week thereafter, the package includes shared room accommodation at the lodge, return airport transfers, orientation and briefing on arrival, 24/7 emergency support and more.

i-to-i Volunteering has regular departures available throughout November, December and 2012.