Bonnie Ringo

Bonnie Ringo of the Tiger Preservation Center

If you have ever heard of the Tiger Preservation Center it’s probably because they send out professionally created funding appeals, despite the fact that no one in the legitimate sanctuary community appears to have ever heard of her rescuing a cat. 

Craig Busch had dealings with her back in 2002 when she exported 5 tigers (four white and one orange) to New Zealand. It seems she was the forerunner to the type of thing Craig was doing with his hands on with the big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens.

An anonymous caller reported the following about Bonnie Ringo which may or may not be true.  She claims that she and her husband knew and often worked for Bob and Bonnie Ringo for over 18 years.  We suggested that she file a formal, written complaint, as we have no police power and hearsay won’t help the animals. 

As of 2016 she had 14 tigers, 1 leopard and a lynx. 

It was stated by the caller that Ringo illegally acquired a golden tabby tiger (that’s just a washed out color variation that happens when people inbreed to create white tigers) a TiLiger and a Lemur from Joe Exotic.  Bob and Bonnie told her they were going on “a rescue” to get two golden tabby tigers from Dennis Hill in Indiana, but got a call from Joe offering them a strawberry (same deal; just inbred white variation) tiger, a six week old tiliger and a lemur for $5000.  She claims to have photos and paperwork copies from the transaction and said TPC’s board member, Jim Mitton of Florida paid for the animals even though it is supposedly illegal to sell tigers across state lines.

The caller says Bonnie Ringo is on medication to manage her mental issues and frequently flies into a rage and can’t remember what she’s said.  She has an on again, off again, keeper named Sherry Johnson, who is said to do a lot of her dirty work for her.  They feed the Wal-Mart trash meat diet. 

The caller said that Bob Ringo is a hit man.  The caller said that TPC’s USDA inspector is “in Bonnie’s pocket.”  

The caller said that she was on several trips to Joe Exotic’s place in Wynnewood, OK and that he had a tiger hide hanging on the wall of his private residence as a decoration.  She said he had 7 baby lemurs who she never later saw as adults on the property. She said there was an excess of fur and filth in his cages and that the cats were not watered daily due to the high cost of water. 

Note: All of the above was reported by someone who claimed to be an eye witness and who said she was in fear for her life.  Since the USDA has been investigating Joe Exotic, with no progress on the investigation since 2011 or earlier, I don’t have much faith that they will ever look into any of this.  It’s just one more reason why we need to ban private possession of big cats at 


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  1. In reference to Bonnie Ringo owner of
    The Tiger Preservation Center 28057 Redwood Hwy in Cave Junction. I purchased a male Wolf Hybrid puppy from Bonnie Ringo over a year ago. Unfortunately the city in which I currently reside does not allow that particular breed of animal within the city limits, which at the time of purchase of the animal I was not aware of, nor could I find any ordinances prohibiting them. I already had a female low content Wolf Hybrid and the male hybrid was going to be a life long companion for her. In May of 2017 I had a visit from my local Animal Control Officials and at the request of Bonnie for the animals safety I agreed to relocate them along with six (6) pups to The Tiger Preservation Center under the care of Mrs. Ringo. The agreement between Bonnie and I before their relocation to Oregon was that she would care for the adult animals until suitable and more permanent arrangements were made for them and relocate the pups. I have no idea the condition and location of four(4)of the pups. I was to move to Oregon and work at the Preservation Center to help Bonnie but, when she demanded I move immediately and I told her that was not possible everything took a turn for the worse. Bonnie became very confrontational and abusive in texts, emails and verbally during phone conversations (I have all written conversations with Mrs. Ringo saved). Bonnie then wanted to charge me $50 a day to care for them, a sum of money that she knew I am unable to pay. I never received any money from the sale of any of the pups. However, I told her to keep the funds to care for the two (2) older animals. And I have sent additional money for their care as well. The situation with Mrs. Ringo has turned into a horrible nightmare and I am very seriously concerned about the health and welfare of my animals. As of June 26, 2017 Bonnie stated to me in an email she was going to relocate my animals against our agreement and has not provided me with any further information as to their location. Bonnie in my opinion has stolen my animals and she has no intent to return them to me. My worst fear is I will never see my animals again and I feel helpless and quickly loosing hope. Any assistance that you can offer me in locating them would be very much appreciated. At the very least I must know they are being taken care of, that that are safe and healthy. Currently the Josephine County Sheriff and Animal Control are investigating this matter.

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