Our Animal Rescue Team has been crisscrossing the country, coming to the aid of animals in need from North Carolina to California and from North Dakota to Alabama. Every day brings new challenges for our rescuers, whether it’s removing more than 150 dogs from an overcrowded California property in scorching 113-degree heat this last week, navigating floodwaters in Mississippi to save stranded cats from rooftops a couple of months ago, or helping to shelter and care for hundreds of pets rescued from puppy mills, hoarding, and disasters week after week. And right now, we need your help to keep rescuing and caring for animals in need.

Allison Williams
Please help us rescue more animals in need.

Today, we’re still caring for nearly 700 cats we rescued from neglect in Florida more than a month ago. Until their legal custody is determined, we’re providing veterinary care, food, water, shelter, and love for this vast number of pets. We’re also caring for 20 dogs we helped local law enforcement remove from a suspected dogfighting operation in Indiana last week. Our wildlife experts are standing ready to help animals in the wake of the recent oil spill in the Yellowstone River in Montana.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers just came back from helping the Souris Valley Animal Shelter care for about 500 pets in flooded Minot, N.D., and assisting with care and placement of 94 neglected horses seized in Wyoming. Just last month, we rescued 300 dogs from a squalid North Carolina puppy mill, and in May we helped care for pets affected by tornadoes and floods in Joplin, Mo.; Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Natchez, Miss; and Yankton, S.D.

James Branaman
One of nearly 700 cats rescued from neglect.

Law enforcement agencies, animal shelters, and other groups call on The Humane Society of the United States for assistance when local resources are overwhelmed and exhausted by large-scale rescues and disasters. We’re proud to be able to help so many animals in crisis and to cover the costs of rescue, transport, and emergency sheltering for thousands of pets every year. But it’s an enormous burden for us, and a remarkable service that your support makes it possible for us to offer to animals and to communities throughout the nation.

With so many animals in crisis nationwide over the past few months, and predictions of more bad weather to come, it’s been a remarkably taxing year–and our rescue budget is stretched thin due to so many demands. Your support makes it possible for us to be on call to help animals across the country, sometimes at a moment’s notice, and we don’t want to ever say “no” because we do not have the resources. We can really use your help today.

Please help our Animal Rescue Team stay in the field helping animals by making an emergency gift today. Thank you for your support.