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Posted on Aug 6, 2017 in Abuse, Browse by Name | 13 comments

Black Jaguar White Tiger

Black Jaguar White Tiger

How can anyone be a follower of Eddie Serio when they see him kick a small cat and mock the cat’s worried owner in this video?

Here is a great article from 2016

This is another excellent article about Black Jaguar White Tiger.

Where do celebrities go to pet cubs?  There are a few backyard breeders in the U.S. but the place that attracts the most, and ignorant celebrities is Black Jaguar White Tiger in Mexico.

You know the public opposes cub breeding and handling when Gizmodo goes after the perpetrators of such cub petting schemes with a vengeance like this article.

This is another well considered article that exposes the lies:

Yahoo Celebrity News understands why it’s wrong:

And bloggers speak out against using cub petting as a way to end cub petting. #BJWT (we had to remove the link to this article because she said she was being threatened and harassed by the BJWT gang.

Artemis Grey calls out Eddie Serio when he tries to act like he’s answering the questions people have, but really isn’t

Black Jaguar White Tiger

We get a lot of questions about Black Jaguar White Tiger, asking if it is a legitimate sanctuary.  We don’t think so for the reasons listed below.

Sadly, it’s starting to become popular among animal lovers, despite their extremely unprofessional practices.  Like not knowing how to bottle feed a cub and having her blow milk out her nose, which leads to pneumonia:

Black Jaguar White Tiger is a newly-founded private “rescue” for big cats, which started about a year or so ago in a wealthy area of Mexico City. It’s owned and operated by a Mr. Eduardo Serio. While he seems to have good intentions, they are paired with some very questionable practices.

Serio appears to “rescue” his animals by buying them from circuses and private zoos, usually as young cubs. Very young cubs.  Cubs that still have a lot of lucrative weeks left in them for the abusers.  This, of course, is a counterproductive strategy in the long run, because it only encourages the bad breeders to keep breeding. He claims to have “saved” over 30 cats in his first year of operation, which is scary. I know he probably wants to “save them all”, but at that rate, things are going to get out of hand very quickly. Unless he has a lot of resources or learns to say “no”, I’m worried it’s going to turn into a hoarding situation. Serio supposedly has 100 acres of land, but the enclosures are already starting to look pretty crowded, if this video is anything to go by.

Serio states that he does not spay or neuter his animals. My best guess for the reason, given his other opinions, is that he probably believes that it is “cruel” to do so because it would deny them the “natural life” he’s trying to provide (some domestic pet owners still believe this). Unsurprisingly, his cats appear to be breeding like rabbits. On July 16, he posted a video on Facebook of a new litter of lion cubs.  In response Serio has said that someday he will use contraceptives, but there are no safe contraceptives for use in big cats.  Any zoo can tell you horror stories (if they are honest with you) about the cancers and other health issues that are caused by using pharmaceutical solutions to over breeding.

If you are running a sanctuary and want the cats to not breed and live long happy, healthy lives, then you spay and neuter.  Doing it when they are younger increases the cat’s ability to survive the procedure and recover, so there is no excuse not to do it, especially if you have males and females living together.

And in this video, a poor lion can’t even eat without having 3 young tigers trying to steal his food (although I don’t know the origin of the tigers – they may have been “rescued” (i.e. bought). Unlike other breeders, however, Serio does not sell cubs because he firmly believes that nobody should “own” an animal. Nobody except him, of course, because he “loves” them. So all of the cubs are just piling up at his ranch and causing serious overcrowding issues. While he does occasionally invite people (especially famous people) to pet them, he hasn’t turned it into a business… yet. He really seems to hate the people who breed cubs for photo props, having “rescued” several malnourished cubs from photo displays. However, his site does mention that he is planning a “volunteer” program, which conjures up images of those places in South Africa where people essentially pay to play with big cats.

Abuse-MinneapolisZoo_TigerCubsBy far, the biggest problem I have with Serio’s new “Foundation” is that it’s constantly churning out photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. I’m sure you’re well aware of this, but these photos show Serio patting adult lions on the head, “play-wrestling” with tigers, pushing jaguars around in wheelbarrows, hugging lionesses, and other inappropriate (and unsafe) behaviors. He even has videos of exotic cats living peacefully in his house like a pet, which only encourages the pet trade. Serio (and his followers) often refer to the cats as “kids”, and visitors to the ranch are invited to “play” with 500-lb. adult lions – not a good idea.

Serio claims on his website that the reason his cats don’t attack people (and I’m not making this up) is “the bond of pure and innocent love that keeps us living harmoniously among one another”. It’s the very same fantasy that has doomed so many big cats to life as “pets” – people so desperately want to believe that as long as they have “love”, everything will be OK.

Hundreds of the people who have been mauled and killed by captive big cats thought they were special too and thought that their love for their big cat “friends” was all they needed.

Of course, gaggles of well-meaning animal lovers (the same kind who would fall for cub-petting schemes) have nothing but praise for Serio and his “amazing bond.” They think that this is the way a real sanctuary is run, to say nothing of the hundreds who express their wishes for their very own pet big cat, or at least the chance to touch one. An ironic message for Serio to be sending, since he says he doesn’t believe that animals should be property.

We reached out to Serio a year or more before this post, because we thought he was doing himself a huge disservice by posing with cubs. We told him that no animal protection group would accept him or even think him a good person unless he stopped acting in such a hypocritical way. We tried to reason with him and didn’t expose him for a long time because we thought he was just foolish and not trying to be cruel. We could not continue to ignore him though when he began trotting celebrities through and having them pose with cubs because people will stupidly mimic celebrities without thinking about the consequences for the cats. We really tried to be nice and still want him to do the right thing.

Overall, I’d say that Black Jaguar White Tiger is nothing more than an ego project from a well-meaning, but seemingly delusional man. He often posts about the “horrible conditions” his cats came from and about how “happy” they are to live with him – and his followers eat it up, calling him an “angel” and praising him profusely for “saving” the animals. And of course, the celebrity snapshots and cute cub pictures have made him a rising star on Instagram. But I don’t think he’s only in it for the glory – he genuinely seems to think he’s “saving the world” by “rescuing” every circus cub in Mexico.

Sadly, like so many animal hoarders, he can’t see the harm he’s doing. This situation is only going to get worse, I’m afraid, especially with the lack of laws in Mexico regarding exotic animals as pets.

When Big Cat Rescue’s founder and CEO was in Mexico in 2015, Eduardo refused to speak to her or allow her to step foot on the property, because he knows that we do not condone posing with big cats.  What else does he have to hide?

Here is a good list of articles about #BJWT


  1. It saddens me to write this but BJWT has lost its way. Everything they say about him and the foundation is true. It may have started with good intentions and the desire to help felines. Today, thanks to Eduardo this mission is no longer. He has single handedly destroyed the lives of the animals he “rescues”. I know for a fact that this man buys the animals he says he rescues. At least once a week there is a new cub in his power. How can he say he is against these animals being pets when he contributes to the market by buying them? He has no knowledge whatsoever of the care these animals need. It is until very recently that he got a group of vets. Before then he treated them himself ( in some cases having grave consequences on the animals).
    He is driven purely by ego and has proven so by turning down “normal” people who want to help in any way they can and only receiving an publishing his meetings with celebrities. He gravely endangers his staff and visitors by letting them get into the enclosures with fully grown animals that even he says ” are not pets”. There have been numerous accidents that nobody hears about but I have seen happen.
    The animals you don’t see on Instagram live in horrible conditions sometimes not even being exposed to the light of day.
    He is a man who has sold the lives of these animals to feed his ego, and fame.
    He is everything but a lover of animals
    There are amazing people working in BJWT but have absolutely no say on what goes on because Eduardo makes it impossible.
    He is a showman. Do not believe a word he says

    • Maries, when you said “The animals you don’t see on Instagram live in horrible conditions sometimes not even being exposed to the light of day”, it makes my blood run cold. I live in south america, and I think there should be a competent authority that monitors any place where any organization has animals for care and protect. There is no authority in Mexico that can handle with this. Sometimes we found people with bad intentions clearly, but sometimes there is only lack of knowledge regarding the necessary procedures needed to take care animals. But, when you said that phrase, it seems there is something you know that exceed a lack of knowledge and that involves animal abuse from someone claiming to do the opposite.

      • Sorry, I wanted to ask if there is any authority in Mexico to control this, it was not a statement.

  2. He also refuses to answer questions or take any constructive criticism. I politely asked about how he’s getting all these new litters of cubs on Instagram and he called me a “fool,” said that one day I’ll apologize, and blocked me. He’s a very sad, small and egotistical person. I fear for the safety of these poor cats.

    • I just received the same type of treatment. I didn’t feel I was confrontational when I said that it looks like Kal El is panting and that could be an indicator of stress. He called me an idiot and blocked me. I was so shocked at the level of anger that simple comment has created. It made me suspicious, something I was not before. If his cats are being taken such good care of than these very innocent questions or comments should not be so threatening. (Unless we’re on to something he is trying to hide)

  3. so i started following them on ig because i love these animals and i thought what he was doing was actually out of his pure vision, but since ig shows related pictures about something too, i realized that somehow only rich/famous people get to visit & pet these animals, so i asked them on one of their videos about this, and they BLOCKED me! now i know what this place really is, i have considered tigers an extinct specie, what’s left in zoos and sanctuaries are just tiger looking pets, real tigers have extinct.

  4. His name is Eduardo Moises. Look him up…….He lived in Los Angeles, and had lots of money, a big houses, many cars, clothes, material things. His father’s (called the phantom) business was raided by the Mexican government and the money was cut off. He lost his house, his cars, and all of his things were sold. They not “in a warehouse in LA as he left them”, and he did not sell his house, it was taken back by his banker. Everything papa bear says is twisted and untruthful. You are right to be concerned. He has millions of followers who believe his long rants, and he is stealing their hard earned money to live again in luxury as he did in LA…only now through a foundation, I wonder if you can look into how his money is spent? probably a nice salary to the t-shirt lady and she sends him cash. I wouldn’t put that past this group.

  5. Hi, I placed some calm and rational comments on the IG page over the last couple of days, pleading with BJWT to at least stop posting videos of human interaction, as this contradicts the #notpets hashtag BJWT throws around. He even posted a video of him putting his arm in a lions mouth, which sends out completely the wrong message to a following of over 5 million. I pointed out that his organization has a responsibility to educate, and that showing videos of playing with these animals as if they were pets is irresponsible. He then blocked me after I had a couple of supportive comments. These actions suggest to me that ego and fame are of far greater importance to this person than using the influence of his page to make a difference through education. A fraud if you ask me.

    • This is a great article. I do believe he is a hot head with probably little experience with big cats, but he is a hot head with good intentions. If somehow he would listen to experts on this case the foundation would be so great! I do believe there must be some workers at Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation who truly care for the animals correctly. Let us not forget that.

  6. I had a very weird feeling about this guy…hence why I started googling about the place and came across this article. It really makes me sad, but I am not surprised. Makes me so sad for these animals.

  7. This guy is a total hot head. I’m sincerely concerned for the animals in his care. His posts on Instagram are becoming increasingly hostile. I’m wondering if he is part of the Mexican Mafia or some form of crooked party in Mexico. Since there is no regulation in Mexico of his foundation, we can only pray that the animals are protected by God Himself. Especially, the ones he kicks. Celebraties need to stop supporting this hot headed hypocrite, STAT!

    • Agreed….. left my own comment with similar comments about his temper.

  8. Not impressed with “Papa Bear” at all. Yes he appears to love his “big cats” but hot damn… he really takes offense to anything anyone says that doesn’t fit into his agenda. I have heard him call out viewers on his live videos, calling them RETARDS and telling them to “go fuck themselves.” I very innocently asked on his Instagram page once if he spays and neuters his animals because I noticed females mixed in with males in the same enclosures, and before I could say “WTF” I was blocked. I mean WOW.

    Also…not saying I’m an expert by any means but has he ever stopped to consider that if he wants his cats to calm down when they are feeling über-frisky, constantly yelling their names won’t help?

    I’m sure anyone with an IQ over 45 knows that.

    If this really is a well-meaning man and his motives are pure, I will eat my words. But he seems pretty hateful towards people, as for how he treats his “kids”…I haven’t seen any signs of abuse but I’m going to continue watching his live feed.

    He certainly has a ton of minions who troll anyone who says ANYTHING negative on his Facebook page.

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