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Taigan Park Crimea Russia

The Taigan Park is in the Crimea in Russia and its director is Oleg Zubkov. A visitor says the park violates the conditions under which animals, including those listed in the Red Data Book, should be living. The witness spoke of cases of cruel treatment of animals and says a lot of animals are dying, and a lot of them are ill. Allegedly, Zubkov supplies animals to circuses and sells to private persons.

Here are the videos about it

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  1. porosenok1 5 months ago

    The Belogorsk Lion Safari-Park Taigan is a terible place, where animals are suffering and dying. Only during last year 11 lions and lionesss where killed or disappered. The owner is dishonest persons, who doesn’t take care of the animals 12 -15 bears were killed (he named animal murder ‘optimization of the collection’).

    The owner has been keeping and breeding animals under unsuitable conditions. For years, tourists can pay to have their pictures taken during dangerous physical interactions with lions. Big cat cubs are diying in petting areas due to terrible condutions including luck of water, proper nutritions. The owner has repeatedly threatened to release or kill his animals to gain public support in order to continue his ruthless business.
    Owner (O;eg Zubkov) sells big cats on a black market.

    This ‘Park’ doesn’t has vets, zoologists or any other educated professionals. A lot of animals are starving. Animal with open wounds, sick haven’t been helped.

    A lot of lions are kept on a very small teritory (400 by 500 meters). Therefore there is a lot of killing between them – sick, old, weak and very young lions are dying being killed by more strong and maure lions. This place has nothing to do with an african savana.

    There are a lot issues that where reported to authorities. The park was closed for a couple months because the owner could not provide requested documentation and doesn’t obey existing animal laws. Unfortunately, due to corruption in Cremia animals are still suffer and owner is unpunished.

    Best regards

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