Alexa Ray Alahouzos

AKA AlexaRayWild

This is the first time we’ve heard about this person, and all of the info below was provided by Animal Frauds Exposed, who we do not know personally, but the evidence was pretty convincing, so I am posting it here and asking that if you have further evidence, one way or the other, that you let us know in the comments.  What I do know for sure is that people show off with wild animals on social sites because ignorant people shower them with attention for it.  State and federal agencies move so slowly, if at all, that it is almost never in time to save the animals from years of abuse.  The following is a quote from a letter to us dated 9/23/18:

“Alexa ray Alahouzos, also known as “Alexaraywild” on instagram is infamously known for asking for donations via internet for her “wildlife rescue,” Sunshine State Wildlife Sanctuary. Problem is, she has multiple FWC charges in two counties in Florida. In 2017 she  pleaded guilty to animal neglect, to keeping foxes in a storage unit. She says it was “only for one day,” but there can be seen many photos on her account showing the animals in that place. She paid the fine and the case was closed.

She is currently facing 9 FWC charges for improper permitting and refusing inspection of an undocumented facility. Maybe one day she will change her ways and be a good example of how to do things the right way. For many “animal lovers,” this is the case. They have the right heart but neglect the rules and reality. But please keep an eye on those who use social media and wildlife for popularity! RESEARCH before you donate! We hope this post raises awareness to private wildlife facilities that are registered, but are not exactly true or legitimate conservation. Save your money and spread awareness!”

All of her records can be publicly found in Palm Beach County Court and Broward Court searches with the name “Alexa Ray Alahouzos”

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild


Litter bug:

Storage unit fox:

Foxes LIVING on a condo balcony:

Storage unit foxes (look at the white brick walls)

Please expose this. She is a prime example like Mike Holston who misuses their platform to lie and steal. Please contact me for more info.

Thank you,  Animal Frauds ExposedAnimal Frauds Exposed”

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild MC_Docket Court copy

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild MC_Docket

Alexa Ray Alahouzos AKA AlexaRayWild-FWC