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Juan Garcia

A person using the name Juan Garcia spends enormous amounts of time and energy building and maintaining websites and blogs devoted to bashing Big Cat Rescue and its Founder and making negative comments online wherever he can. In many cases he simply repeats the nonsense published by those exploiters who are threatened by Big Cat […]

Animal House Zoo Carolyn Atchison

Animal House Zoo Carolyn Atchison Timeline of Abuse 2006:  Animal House loses USDA license after egregious violations of the Animal Welfare Act.  See court order. 2012 or before: 18 year old Leopard allegedly injured by a doberman at Carolyn Atchison’s “Animal House” in Moulton, AL. 6/10/13  Domestic pet rescuers see […]

Claws N Paws

I just found you on facebook and I am very excited that someone is actually trying to do something for animals who are being over breed in so call zoos then sold to dealers / brokers. I am trying to help this little baby tiger name Orion that is in […]