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Ryan Easley Circus

Ryan Easley

Show Me Tigers May 18, 2017 – Another clip shows the tigers in a ring during a training session. One glances over at the trainer and, seeing the whip in his hand, hurries away, terrified. These scenes appear to be business as usual for ShowMe Tigers, a traveling tiger act run by […]


Stephanie Taunton Hesperia Zoo

Stephanie Taunton Hesperia Zoo December 2017.  Based on the public information reported below, Hesperia Zoo appears to have repeatedly and continually shown contempt for the law, animal welfare, and public safety. Like some other facilities that we view as exploiting wild cats, Stephanie Taunton’s Hesperia Zoo has changed its name […]

This trick was explained as "a demonstration of lioness teamwork."

Hollywood Animals

Hollywood Animals Brian McMillan, Eric Weld Hollywood Animals is a Santa Clarita, CA exotic animal rental business which trains big cats and other exotics and then “rents them out” for special events, movies, TV, and advertising. They make the dangerous claim that their big cats are perfectly “safe” working with […]