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Lea Jaunakais

Tiger World Lea Jaunakais

Lea Jaunakais calls it Tiger World but it is the old Metrolino Wildlife Park 4405 COOK RD ROCKWELL ,NC 28138  COUNTY: ROWAN USDA 55-C-0225   USDA Warns Tiger World   In 2008 Tiger World sold two white tiger cubs to Springhill Wildlife Park in Calvert, TX who was caught trying to sell the […]

Gini Valbuena

Gini Valbuena When Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue became known for trying to stop the trade in exotic cats as pets, Gini Valbuena began slandering them in an attempt to draw the attention off the subject; Exotic Animals as Pets, which is not a subject anyone can defend, and […]

Lynn Culver

Lynn Culver Feline Conservation Federation This press release issued by Joe Schreibvogel about the Feline Conservation Federation and Lynn Culver exposes their thinly veiled attempts to fool the public into thinking they provide a needed service. Joe is no stranger to controversy though and the Internet abounds with undercover video […]

Sal Vitale

Why do Bengal Cat Breeders hate Big Cat Rescue?  Check out http://www.bigcatrescue.org/cats/wild/hybrids.php Read this hate mail sent to Carole Baskin when she sent out an alert asking people to speak up against lions being slaughtered for their meat in the U.S. From: The Vitale’s <vitalesj@comcast.net> Date: Tue, Jun 29, 2010 […]