Shy Wolf Deanna Deppen

The Bad Guys Don’t Want Scott to Win Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year

This is being posted on the Exotic Pet dealer/owner chat boards by Deanna Deppen of Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Please take note of the concerted effort to have someone they consider to be in favor of owning exotic pets win the contest over Scott and cast your vote for Scott Lope today. Note that they most fear we will use the exposure to end the trade in exotic animals. Use short URL:

“Jaye Parett feeds thousands of animals by supplying a reasonable and excellent source of meat.staying on the road constantly despite severe pain. She has single-handedly kept some exotic owners / facilities from going under in this troubled economy, helping to keep many animals out of rescue while still running her sanctuary and heading up animal cruelty investigations for her county. Please flood the voting these last couple of days.! It would be wonderful exposure for someone in exotics to win this award and we know Jaye deserves it over anyone Carole Baskin may nominate for her one facility.

If you need any other reason to go and vote, please don’t give Carole this platform for her anti-exotics agenda and campaign by NOT taking the time to vote for Jaye!”

“Deanna Deppen” <wolfmoonlight@…>lokiwolflight

Deanna Deppen frequently bashes the good work of Big Cat Rescue and she regularly speaks at FWC meetings in an attempt to thwart tougher laws that would prevent the breeding and dealing in exotic animals.  Like many who call themselves “Sanctuaries” she does not want the problem to go away because there would no longer be a need for her kind of compound.  Anyone who really puts the welfare of the animals first would want the abuse to end before it ever starts.

This is obviously an attempt to sway voting away from a real sanctuary who is working to stop the breeding and trade by voting for one of their own.  Anyone who is enabling bad behavior is part of the problem.