Cougar Stalking Deer

Cougar Stalking Deer

Dang, that stealthy cougar sure gets around…



New York:


Manitoba, Canada:

The Dakotas:

the Canadian Rockies:

Eglin Air Force Base


For those of you that are not familiar with the area – Eglin AFB ranges are as large as the state of Rhode Island ( 500,000 sq acres) – besides dropping every kind of bomb ever invented it is also where every US Army Ranger goes for their swamp training.  It also has some thirty five airfields complete with runways  — it is also where Doolittle’s Raiders practiced before attacking Japan in WWII.

Not only are there big cats on Eglin take a look at the Buck he’s chasing… Ever been walking through the woods at night  and had the sensation that something was following  you? This picture is from C-87C, The EOD School set out a  motion sensor camera to see if any people were trespassing in  the area.

They have proven that there are big cats on  Eglin.

That pic has been going around the internet for years.  I saw one blog that had the pic in 2005.

I am sure there are some Nigerians that would love to meet your friend…LOL