We need to stop patronizing roadside zoos

The pathetic roadside zoos in Cherokee claim that they take good care of the animals and that tiny, concrete, barren pits provide adequate habitat for bears.
Past stories in the Asheville Citizen-Times have documented citations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for failure of these zoos to provide the minimum care required by the federal Animal Welfare Act.
Last month Cherokee Bear Zoo was inspected and received a repeat citation for inadequate feeding of a young tiger cub.
The report said the cub, acquired at only 3-4 weeks of age and which the zoo had for several months, appeared “small and underweight for its age. The coat looks dull, dry and brittle. The tiger cub is being fed Esbilac milk replacer without any other supplements.” Cherokee Bear Zoo also failed to vaccinate the cub. Is this what Cherokee Bear Zoo considers to be good care?
As long as people patronize these pitiful prisons, the cruelty will continue.
Terri David, Asheville