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Bill William Kapp

William Kapp Killed Tigers and Leopards in Canned Hunts USA v Kapp William R (03-4075 031) – Finding Redemption, or What comes around, goes around…… Mon, Mar. 17, 2003 (St Patrick’s Day:) Trial to shed light on underground animal trade BY JON YATES Chicago Tribune CHICAGO – (KRT) – A […]

Lea Jaunakais

Tiger World Lea Jaunakais

Lea Jaunakais calls it Tiger World but it is the old Metrolino Wildlife Park 4405 COOK RD ROCKWELL ,NC 28138  COUNTY: ROWAN USDA 55-C-0225   USDA Warns Tiger World   In 2008 Tiger World sold two white tiger cubs to Springhill Wildlife Park in Calvert, TX who was caught trying to sell the […]